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As people get older, life comes along and somewhere in the humdrum of day to day tasks, most of us miss out on playing our favorite sports. The reasons are umpteen ranging from time, venues to most importantly, the lack of similar skilled folks. Simply put, most of us adults are just waiting for an opportunity and the right platform to unleash the dormant sporting desire within us.

SLAN bridges this very gap, acting as a conduit between players and opportunity.

In other words, Sports League and Networking (SLAN) is a single stop interface connecting players, venues and the sports these individuals love to play.

Want to play the sport you love
Yes SLAN has got it for you!
Want to play at a particular venue
Yes SLAN has you covered for that as well.
Serious about playing with players of your skill level?
Surprise! SLAN got that covered too.

Simply put, play the sport you love at a place you like against your skill level within your geographic area. SLAN covers majority of both indoor and outdoor sports you can possibly imagine.

SLAN boasts of features that ensure your experience to play is seamless and just, awesome!

SLAN conducts year round leagues to ensure you have ample opportunity and to continuously improve your skill. Alongside, SLAN periodically organzies tournaments that bring the best out in you and gives you an opportunity to play city wide.

What are you waiting for? Jump in the sports wagon and SLAN it.

SLAN is for you to become fit, fun and competitive.

How It Works
Skill Levels

Winning or the desire to win is an underlying sentiment of each sportsman. No one ever plays to lose, however no one has ever complained of a defeat after putting up a good fight to win.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to play with similar skilled opponents where one’s skills are challenged and the best of one’s ailities are brought out?

SLAN helps every member set their skill level per sport and edit it, as neeed. This ensures every game is set among players with similar skill level thus ensuring a competitive playing environment.


Keep your sporting vigour active throughout the year through SLAN’s well curated leagues. The leagues are held across the year keeping you at the top of your game. The leagues are categorized into Public and Private.

Public League

These leagues are organized and conducted by SLAN. A player can use filters on the SLAN app to search for upcoming leagues based on the sport, skill level and geographic vicinity. Also your progress in the league can be viewed through SLAN’s exclusive leadership board, the ultimate encouragement tool.

Private League

Want to indulge in a league of your own with your friends / co workers?

SLAN covers that also. You, as a player can set up private leagues. Just pass on the request to the SLAN team and be rest assured your request is met with perfection.


Use tournaments to bring out all the intense play time you have in the league games. A shorter version of the leagues spread over just a couple of day, tournaments are the best platform to showcase the pinnacle of your sporting ability and be the proud recipient of accolades. Similar to leagues tournaments are divided in Public and Private.

Public Tournament

The tournaments are organized by SLAN and can be accessed from the SLAN app/website. Players get to competitively play either in knock outs or round robin and emerge the ultimate winner.

Private Tournament

Players can set up their own tournaments and establish the tournament parameters ie. number of teams and the venue using SLAN assistance.

Venue Booking

Book, play and repeat!

SLAN motivates players through its seamless and easy venue booking functionality.

Players could book venues of their choice through the interactive menu function and just show up to play. SLAN acts as the bridge between the player and the venue owner and ensures a smooth playing experience.

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